A brief overview of the history of online casinos

March 17, 2018 Online Casino History

Gambling is so old, and one can say that without exaggeration, as humanity itself. Since the first human communities exist, it has always occurred in one form or another. From the oldest cultures of the Chinese and Aztecs to the Ancient Greeks and the Roman Gladiators Forums. From the pubs and bars of the Middle Ages to the poker tables of the American Wild West; Casinos, casinos and other gambling establishments will always be found in some form. The latest development stage of gambling is online casinos.

The birth of the first online casinos was in the mid-90’s when the so-called “Free Trade and Processing Act” was passed on the Caribbean islands of Antigua and Barbuda. This law created as free trade letter the basis for the first on-line casino offerers on the islands could acquire and register a license. One of the first software providers of the hour was among other things the now world-famous provider Micro gaming. For more than 15 years, this online casino software developer, as well as Playtech by the way, offers the latest games for the various online casinos.

Now that the first online casinos have opened their virtual gates, gambling is accessible to the world at any time in any way. Most of the online casinos are now enjoying great popularity with its players and members worldwide. In the USA This is, and this may surprise most of you, not the case. It banned online gambling, especially online poker, and frozen the accounts of online casino and poker players. While gambling in the US is a state issue and not illegal per se, Washington seems to have found lobbyists who seem to be a thorn in the face of the popularity of online casinos. This seems all the more surprising that the US can be described as the birthplace of modern poker and casino gaming. The situation in Europe varies from country to country; however, the EU ensures that online gambling is accessible to every citizen of an EU country and, for reasons of EU competition law, it is not illegal.

As with all other applications of the Internet, it allows people to connect with each other; without having to travel there. The same is true of online casinos. Imagine the time and budget just once to do a weekend trip to one of the German casinos. Add to that the clothes because of the dress code and many other costs more. This also costs nerves, and who has these available in a very hectic time? You can now experience the gambling in a safe and fair gaming environment from the comfort of your home on your own computer. If you’re on the go, you can even enjoy your favorite games as an app on your smartphone or other mobile device these days.

Paying and using alternative payment methods has also been literally revolutionized by the Internet. These payment services were initially launched just because of the first online casinos, but today enjoy great popularity among all kinds of users. Among the most popular and widely used online payment service providers and e-wallet providers are Click2Pay, NETeller and others such as PayPal, etc. These providers enable smooth and secure payment transactions between players and PayPal casinos. All transactions are secure, using the latest 128-bit SSL encryption technology. You can call up your account balance at any time and thus always stay up to date.

In the early years of the online casino industry, some experts and analysts were very skeptical about the potential for success of this still very young industry. The skeptics had to realize very quickly that online casinos very quickly developed a certain momentum that can only be described as rapid. By the way, an “offline” event that triggered the hype in online poker, for example, was really groundbreaking. In 2003, the player named Chris Moneymaker won the World Championship of Poker. What is so special about it? Well, Chris was no ordinary poker pro or gambler and never participated in tournaments in casinos before; he earned the qualification for this world-famous poker tournament in a virtual poker room!

Those of you who might be considering playing online blackjack or poker in a professional manner for money, should think twice about it. Playing at the online casinos of your choice can be exciting and entertaining; In most cases, you can not make a big profit in a large number of the games offered in the long term. You have to see the game as a kind of investment if you want to do it as a professional. If you invest, you also have to expect a loss; that is certainly in the nature of things. Anyone who can not handle playing without loss should not even begin to do so.

Online casinos offer a lot of advantages that we have already looked at. Among the best offers at an online casino is certainly the or better the bonuses. Just because of the lower fixed costs, a virtual casino, in contrast to a player bank or casino, can afford to pamper their customers with great bonuses and regularly conduct prize-winning video poker competitions and prize draws. Even with the bonuses, however, you should first thoroughly inform yourself about the conditions; After all, you want to be paid in the end so synonymous with the profits, right?